Med Matters has been formed to challenge the exciting paradigm in medical equipment
in providing and repair. By offering a lean, efficient no nonsense service that does
exactly what it says on the tin…Creating Savings in Healthcare!

How is this done?

We use our exclusive network of high quality, factory trained engineers and repairers
to provide fast, efficient and competitively priced services or your equipment.


All replacement parts are manufactured to OEM specifications, quality and appearance.
All repairs are carried out by highly skilled and experience technicians and all repairs
are calibrated to OEM specifications. Warranty on repairs is up to 12 months.


Our services can offer a saving of 70% over the alternative!


We aim to have achieve a turnaround of 14 days (10 working days), but often achieve better.
Unrepairable devices are returned at no charge.


The process is easy. Send an email to informing us of the repair,
include a completed repair form and send to us!


We offer high quality repair services for:

Repairs come with up to 12 months warranty, and turn around times are typically 8-14 working days.
All repairs are carried out to OEM (or better!) standards by skilled and experienced engineers and
by using us you can save up to 70% against typical costs!

In addition, equipment that has been deemed “end of life” by the OEM can still be supported,and
in instances where you have been told “we can’t repair that…”, send it to us to see if we can!
Gaining an extra year of 2 of life from existing hardware cuts costs dramatically as well as being
more sustainable and minimises waste.

Call or email with your make and model to see if we can help. We offer a No repair – No charge policy
so whats to lose?

Fetal Transducer

Our Fetal transducer repair service offers a new solution to the
age old problem of malfunctioning transducers.

At a cost that results in significant cost savings, with no compromise,
all parts and repairs are to OEM specifications and come with an
excellent 12 month warranty!

Simply contact us and send the units to us and if you are not happy,
you do not pay a penny.

Models Repaired:

  • ALL models of Philips & HP
  • (including the new Philips SMART transducers)
  • Wireless Avalon Transducers
  • ALL Models of GE / Corometrics

Surgical Equipment

We can help deal with all manner of surgical tools such as:

All form the major manufacturers such as:

And many more...

Monitor Modules

Med Matters’ factory trained technicians can repair any issue you may have with your Modules.

Available for models such as…

  • Philips
  • Spacelabs
  • Datascope Expert
  • GE Tram Modules
  • GE SAM Gas Modules
  • Datex Ohmeda
and come with up to 12 months warranty. We also have the ability to support otherwise end of life technologies that would otherwise be disposed of thus making even greater savings.


Our technicians can help keep your telemetry systems on the go at competitive rates
with enviable warranty periods and turn around times.

Including systems from:

  • GE
  • Philips
Contact us for more details.


Fetal Belts

Med Matters provides a complete variety of abdominal fetal monitoring belts,
which are visually appealing, comortable, latex free and extraordinary value!

Medical Paper

We supply medical paper for the use in fetal monitors for all of the leading manufacturers
currently in use in the UK. We also sell a range of printing media for use with Ultrasound
and paper for ECG machines.

For Hardware

We offer a wide range of very high quality ECG Cables, Reusable and single use finger probes
for SPO2 monitors.

T. 0845 257 0038
F. 0845 257 0027

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